Me …

Water view

Ja, what about me, totally nothing special, just a normal girl, going down the spiritual path finding herself again. Thank God ❤ ❤ ❤ Living my ups and downs and still standing stronger and stronger in my high heels. (If I would put them on) Life is just so wonderful and I feel very blessed to be here and to experience all its shiftings.

Living in a big city in Netherlands but goes back every summer to the north of Sweden, back to my roots and to a quiet life in the middle of nowhere, just me and my cats. I love having two so different worlds in my life, the big city and just one house in the forrest. The summers fills me with energy to be able to handle anything the rest of the year, and I am so grateful for it.

Of course I have a husband, kids, an ex, brother, sisters, a mother and a father, family and friends, and all kind of different people that pass by my life webb. Some are here with me, some have left my life, some are dead and still here, and some are yet to come. I find myself being more and more in the now, and not getting drawn in to all dramas that goes on around me, instead I am more curious about where life will take me and who I will meet next, maybe is that you?