Relaxed man

Lazy kat

I never met any man or cat, that have been this relaxed as my little catboy Ceasar. Even when Jamie is trying to get him to fight, he does not react, he just sit and look at him like “Are you nuts?” and turn away or going back to sleep again. He is not always so relaxed and cute, this Saturday morning he caused a bit of a kaos, an up and run movement in the house.

Frans was going in to the shower, and Ceasar thought that it was a good plan to go and see how I was doing, sitting just reading in the bed, cuddling with Misa. He found us very boring so he left to go out in the garden. It did not take him very long, before he came running past the bedroom door, the fastest he could, on the way up to the attic. I just got to see that he had something in his mouth and it was big so I ran after. The shower stands on the attic so Frans popped out his head to see what it all was about. What he saw was Ceasar with a dove in his mouth, or he had dropped it on the floor, and the dove tried to escape, then I came running, trying to not totally scare the cat and the dove but to try to get to the dove and rescue it. I got to the dove, but the blood was just pumping out of it, slowly taking the doves life. Ceasar was not amused by loosing his dove, so he jumped to get the dove, but took my hands by mistake, that was not a pleasant experience, so much can I tell you.

Suddenly I stood there with a dead dove in my hands, Ceasar and the other 2 cats sniffing around on the floor, that was full with feathers and blood and a naked surprised man looking out of the shower at all of us. And I can assure you that everyone in the house was wide awake and up and running 🙂


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