Christmas peace

Autumn sky

Are you stressing for Christmas? What food to have? Have you bought all presents? Is your house all cleaned and decorated? Are you stressing for meeting the whole family? I am so happy, I am not stressing. I have no food plans, I have not bought one present, My home is a mess, not one decoration is up, and no family is coming and I am not going to see any either. I am so happy!!

This year will be a peaceful, relaxing Christmas. I have decided that this year I will just do what I want and when I want it, and only because I think its fun to do. So this year, no decorations, just good food and lazy days, take a walk, enjoy my husbands company and fun fun fun. And definitely clean away more things that is blocking the fun energy 🙂 I am so looking forward to this Christmas joy ❤


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