It is fun to see how much we humans are collecting, and for what? Are we afraid that we do not have enough? Is it because it gives our lives meaning? Is it so we can be part of a group with likeminded people and identify with? Or is it just memories that we are collecting and staple up in huge piles because if we do not do that, we are lost, and the memories too?

I really do not have any idea for why, but I do know that I never been a real collector. When I was a teenager I collected beautiful soaps, but then I grew up and I found it a bit difficult to drag them with me since I was never really living anywhere so I used them. I moved to my husband with nothing more then clothes, and when I divorced I more or less left  with my clothes and some old furnitures that he didn’t need. So when I moved to this place, I had no idea that I was moving in with a collector. I must say, it have taken some years to make him understand that you can throw old commercials, and you do not need to save anything for the after life, and memories stays in your heart, not in a box on the attic. The coffin is not that big that you can take it with you. It have been a very interesting journey and now we start to be much lighter in the house.

It also helped that my daughter moved in with us for some time so we really had to do some compact living for the last 2 years, and now when she moved out are we busy to clean up and rearrange the whole house. It was wonderful to have her with us, and now it is wonderful to have space again. A good thing is that he is throwing more then ever before, he also find it nice to let go of old things that you just save for nothing and get more space around us and to feel light again 🙂


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