Time flies

Wowsa, how fast times go when you are back after 4 months away. So much to do and nothing happens, or maybe it does, I don’t know, it sometimes feels like i do a lot and still I have not moved. So much to unpack and get used to again, and then redoing everything that has been done, all to get back to normal. I see that I am not a good doer, I find everything else to do so I don’t need to do it, but it keeps sitting there waiting for me to do. Right now I am trying to run away from paper work, and it keeps hunting me all the time, and still I keep finding everything else to do. It is some kind of fear connected to it, that I recognice, and I am trying to figure out what it is. I know that If I just sit down with it, it is probably done in a day, max two days, and then I am free again, so what is it that makes me putting it in front of me and letting myself get stressed about it?? Any one that knows??


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