There is different kind of darkness, up there it is so dark that you can not see anything in front of you unless you have the moon to shine up the night, and it really does lighten up the night. Down here in the big city, there is no darkness, there is always a light somewhere to light it up, and it is not the moon. Just as it is quiet up there and down here is it never quiet here. I wonder if that is a tribute to all stressed people down here, they never get to have a peaceful night in a dark quiet room. I notice myself that I am much more awake in the night when I am down here. It is lights on from clocks and well we all have those happy people that sings for us at 4 in the morning, or sirens, fighting cats, cars or well, all kind of different sounds going on all night.

I must say that I feel very blessed and grateful to have my summers in stillness, and well at least dark autumn nights.



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