Candles in the night


It start to be dark here, and we start to go to bed very early and up with the sun, just to follow the day light. If you do not have electricity so you have lights to read or work in, there is not much else to do then go to bed. My husband use the bad light as an excuse every time he loose in cards so … it is also good sometimes. I love candle nights, it make a special atmosphere to sit with candles and read and talk and play cards. It is softer then lamps, makes the night magic.

Talking about night magic, we have been up late hunting for northern lights, some nights ago, that was fun. That is something so magical to see. I think my husband got some really nice pictures of it, and some nights after were we sitting in the tub under the bright dark sky, with stars, northern light and candles … boy so romantic, and what a memory to keep for the winter nights to come.


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