Something special

Sunday morningThere is definitly something special with Sundays, I do not know what it is, but they are special. It is something peaceful about the day, lazy mornings, sleeping late, late breakfast in pyjamas, in bed or out on the porch, in the sun. It is just so relaxing with Sundays.

Yesterday I also had a relaxing day, but in a totally different way. It was pouring down rain, so I went up as normal, coffee, breakfast and then I picked up some work that were waiting to be done on a rainy day. Painted some details that is going to be on the door, when I am done painting it, polished up the doorhandle, and had a wonderful dinner with me. A very relaxing day as I said, no stress, just a lot of fun doing. Still, it was not Sunday.

It feels like it is more in the athmosphere, the energies around Sunday, is it maybe in the name? I do not know, it just feels very special. So I will enjoy another cup of coffee, out here on the porch, in the sunshine, listening to the birdies and the stream, feel the wind passing by and feel very blessed to be me, right here, in this moment.


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