10 weeks and 2 days …

Sunny skyThat is just how long I have been alone this summer, and it have been heaven!

Or it will be that long next weekend when my husband comes here for vacation and to pick me up to bring me back to civilization or whats it called. First he also wants to be here for some weeks to get some rest, he managed to get 5 weeks so it will be plenty of time for him to rest, or not …. I have plenty of work for him since I do not have the muscles for them and he does 🙂 That is really the only time I miss him, when I am not able to lift or do things because I need muscles.

So this weekend and the week to come, I plan to enjoy to the fullest, well I have already started, last weekend I had a bit of a panicattack when I figured out the end is near… Hahaha. Not so serious as it sounds, it is just that when you have been alone a longer time, you get used to the silence, the rest, to do what you want to do whenever you do it, eating breakfast in the afternoon and dinner in the morning, time does not really exist here when you are alone.

The few visitors I had this summer I can count on one hand. 5 people have passed by to see me, and that is a record, hahaha, yes, I am not lying, usually I see 2 – 3 at the most. Of course I been shopping once in a while, so I seen people then too, but visitors, nee, not that many. For me the time I spend here alone in the middle of nowhere is so valuable just because it is only mine.

It is here the outside world totally stop to exist. All I see is a lake, trees, and sky, a barn some sheds and a house. Animals pass by now and then, some for the first time, some are regular guests that enjoy being here too, in peace and quiet. It is here all caracters can disappear and I can just be who ever I choose, just for that moment. It is here that NOW really show itself and its here God have a very good laugh at me every time I leave NOW and make plans for the future.

So for now I will enjoy my last days alone, and when my husband comes I will enjoy to see him again, after 10 weeks and 2 days …


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